The McPhillamys Community Consultative Committee (CCC) provides a forum for discussions between Regis Resources and representatives of the community, stakeholder groups and the Councils of Blayney, Bathurst, Cabonne and Orange.

The CCC has an independent Chair, appointed by the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI). Members of the community apply to become a member of the CCC which meets regularly to review project progress and discuss areas of interest to the community.

Community members can contact any CCC member and ask them to raise questions on their behalf at CCC meetings. Names and contact details for members are provided below.

For more information about the CCC and how it operates please visit the DPHI website: Community Consultative Committees – (

Community Members

Alternative representatives:

  • Bob Russ

  • Bruce Reynolds

  • Paul Hancock

Stakeholder Group Representatives:

Council Representatives:

  • Robert Taylor

    Bathurst Council

  • Heather Nicholls

    Cabonne Council

  • Mark Dicker

    Blayney Council

  • Nick Redmond

    Orange Council

Regis Resources Representatives:

  • Wayne Taylor

    Project Director

  • Danielle Wallace

    Health, Safety & Environment Manager

  • Kath Logan

    External Affairs Manager

Community Consultative Committee (CCC) minutes and presentations: – Meeting Presentation28/11/2022 – Meeting Minutes28/11/2022 – Meeting Presentation31/10/2022 – Meeting Minutes31/10/2022 – Meeting Presentation12/09/2022 – Meeting Minutes12/09/2022 – Meeting Presentation20/06/2022 – Meeting Minutes20/06/2022 – Out of Session Meeting notes01/06/2022 – Meeting Presentation28/03/2022 – Meeting Minutes28/03/2022 – Meeting Presentation17/12/2018

 CCC – Meeting Minutes17/12/2018