Blayney Locals Supporting the McPhillamys Gold Project

(L-R) Stacey McFawn, Roger Hamer, Phil Ryan, Rachel Croft, Tim Warwick (and son Freddie) show their support for McPhillamys in the Local Voices video

Blayney locals have shown their support for the McPhillamys Gold Project in a new video, Local Voices.

The video was filmed in late 2020, featuring local residents and business people talking about why they think the McPhillamys Gold Project will be a good thing for their community.

These people are passionate about their community and they’re keen to see it prosper and develop with the benefits and opportunities that the project would bring. They mention things like jobs, business growth, new services and career and training opportunities for future generations.

McPhillamys water pipeline

In these times of increasing competition for and reliance on water, one of the great benefits of the McPhillamys Gold Project is that it won’t be competing for local water supplies. The proposed 90km pipeline will supply all the mine’s operating water from surplus, stock-quality industrial water near Lithgow.

The pipeline would be constructed and paid for as part of the McPhillamys Project and because it will be underground it won’t be visible. Importantly, it won’t prevent farming and other activities continuing on the surface.

As for the future, once Regis has no further use for the pipeline the infrastructure could remain and be used to help drought-proof Blayney and the Central West. When you think about some of the dry years we’ve had in recent times (and which will no doubt come again) these could be game-changing opportunities for the Central West.

For more information on the proposed pipeline download our Pipeline Fact Sheet and Pipeline Q&A

Pipeline Route

100,000 trees to improve local native habitat 

Regis Resources will plant up to 100,000 native trees to improve and increase habitat for koalas and other wildlife in Blayney and the NSW Central West. The tree planting program will be spread over the life of the McPhillamys Gold Project, if the project is approved, significantly increasing local habitat suitable for koalas and other native wildlife.

After extensive surveys of the McPhillamys site only one koala has been located but there are still areas suitable for koala habitat within the project boundary. We have gone to great lengths to minimise disruption to all habitat areas and we are very focused on delivering long term habitat improvements for local wildlife.

Regis has already planted over 6,000 native trees and another 8,000 are being prepared for planting in 2021. If the project is approved we will continue planting during the life of the mine and in post-mining rehabilitation, adding up to 100,000 trees to the local area.

To help offset the biodiversity impacts of the project Regis has also purchased a property (Aziel) which will permanently preserve, large areas of koala habitat.

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Support for community causes

Amongst the challenges of 2020 there have been many positives, including the way people reached out to friends, family, neighbours and total strangers when things got tough. In Blayney, we are lucky to have a number of local groups and organisations who do a lot to lift community spirit and assist those who need a hand.

Regis is pleased to offer support to a number of those groups with donations for their charitable
work and other community activities planned for 2021. They include:

  • St Vincent de Paul, Blayney
  • Blayney Farmers’ Markets
  • Blayney Public School
  • Blayney High School
  • Blayney Meals on Wheels
  • Can Assist Network, Blayney
  • Central Tablelands Landcare

These organisations, their staff and their volunteers contribute a great deal towards making Blayney the great town that it is. On behalf of the Regis team I’d also like to thank our neighbours and the many other local people we have worked with during 2020 - in meetings, in shops and businesses, at events or just out and about.

To all, our best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a safe and healthy 2021.

About the project

The McPhillamys Gold Project is located in the Blayney - Kings Plains district of Central West New South Wales, approximately 8 kilometres from the town of Blayney. The Blayney – Kings Plains district has been the subject of alluvial and hard rock mining since the mid to late 19th century with sporadic exploration for gold and base metals over various exploration licences since the 1960s.

McPhillamys, if developed would consist of a large scale open cut gold mining operation that has a current mine life of approximately ten years. Regis’ Board anticipates making a decision on the development of McPhillamys following assessment of the Environmental Impact Statement (including the Social Impact Assessment), obtaining of regulatory approvals and completion of the Definitive Feasibility Study.

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