Statutory Approvals

Statutory Approvals


The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for McPhillamys Gold Project has now been released by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (NSW DPIE) for public comment.

The exhibition period will run for a minimum of 42 days.

You can view the EIS:

  • online at the DPIE website
  • in hard copy at Blayney, Cabonne, Bathurst, Lithgow or Orange Council
  • or you can pick up a free electronic copy (USB stick) from the Regis office, 57 Adelaide Street, Blayney.

In order to develop McPhillamys, Regis is required to undertake detailed research and complete a number of approval documents culminating in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which includes a Social Impact Assessment. The EIS is submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) who undertake the assessment process in accordance with statutory requirements.

In summary, the approvals process includes a number of steps. The first step being a preliminary assessment where relevant regulatory authorities are introduced to the proposed development via site visits and the submission by Regis of the ‘Preliminary Environmental Assessment’ (PEA) which outlines the proposed development. The DPE then issue the Environmental Assessment Requirements or EAR’s which must be specifically addressed by Regis in the EIS.

When the EIS is completed, it is submitted to the DPE, who publicly exhibit the document for at least 30 days to allow the public, groups and regulators to provide submissions. The submissions may be positive, negative or simply a request for additional information. Regis is then required to respond to those submissions to the DPE which then leads to the project approval decision.

If approved, the approval will contain specific conditions that Regis would need to abide by. These are likely to include requirements for environmental management, monitoring and reporting, for example, impact on noise, air quality, surface and ground water.

In addition there will be various other licences to be held as part of the development approval, for example, mining lease, water access licences (WAL’s), site verification certificate for soils, etc. The link below to the DPE website provides further details as to what is required in terms of approvals for a proposed development such as McPhillamys.

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