Both Indigenous and European heritage surveys are undertaken as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process to ensure that sites of cultural significance are identified and addressed appropriately.

Regis is committed to respecting the traditions and cultures of Indigenous people. The area surrounding the McPhillamys Project is Wiradjuri country which is roughly defined by the Macquarie (Wambool), Lachlan (Kalari) and Murrumbidgee Rivers.

Land, through grants, was first made available around the Blayney area in 1823. Kings Plains appears to have been named after Joseph King who was one of the first to obtain a grant in the area. The area of Kings Plains was set aside as a village reserve in 1828, however a town was never gazetted at that location and an area for a town was chosen further to the west closer to roads from the Lachlan River, Carcoar, Boree, the Canobolas area and Wellington. This site is now the town of Blayney.

The Kings Plains area was worked in the 1850s as an alluvial gold field, with some small scale open pit and underground workings. Minor hard rock mining operations were carried out at McPhillamys Hill during this time. Modern day exploration within the area and in particular on McPhillamys Hill began around the 1960’s.

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