Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Regis Resources is committed to the effective environmental management of all of its activities. Regis recognises that mining and exploration activities have potential environmental impacts and to minimise the impact of these activities on the environment the Company ensures that it:

  • Complies with all applicable legislation and operating conditions on a sustainable basis;
  • Applies a systematic approach to identifying environmental risks and employs practices that minimise environmental impact and prevents environmental damage;
  • Operates in accordance with a site environmental management plan;
  • Communicates and consults with all stakeholders; and
  • Develops a culture of sound environmental practice within its workforce by providing information and training on environmental management.

Rehabilitation of McPhillamys After Drilling

McPhillamys in 2013
Photo of Stage I eastern drill sites prepared for resource drilling program

McPhillamys in 2014
Photo of Stage I eastern drill sites after rehabilitation

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